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Each person who lives with disability knows their own needs and wants - better than anybody else. At Meliora, we strive to really listen and get to know you. How else could we understand your actual goals, and the support you need to achieve them?

The NDIS has given us this great gift and opportunity to really explore possibilities for your life and the way you want to live it. We want to partner with you to make sure that happens.

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Your Choice

Why choose us?

Being of service to people with disabilities

Why not? Are you happy where you are? Do you feel you are genuinely supported? Are you being heard? Are you treated as an individual? We don’t promise perfection, but we are constantly trying to do better.

We have a great, ever growing team of individuals with different personalities, passions, desires, interests and qualities. If we don't have someone who is the right fit for you, we make it a top priority to go out and find that person. That we can promise.

our key values

We focus on attempting to do the right thing. When this is achieved, it results in everybody involved living a richer, more diverse and stress reduced life.
  • Kinship

    Treating everyone with the same care we would show a friend or family member.

  • Honesty

    Frankness and genuine communication with everybody we work with.

  • Empathy

    Meeting people exactly where they're at, without judgement.

  • Growth

    A passion for learning, receiving feedback and emotional change.

  • Adventure

    A spirit to discover, explore and connect with new places and faces.

Our team

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Different backgrounds with a shared vision

At Meliora, no staff member is above doing any task. If you’re not at least willing to get down on your knees and scrub a toilet, then you’re probably not the person we are looking for!

We also operate within a culture of equality, inclusiveness and genuine heartfelt support. We focus on personal and professional development for our entire team.

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