the experience

Helping you to have that once in a lifetime experience

We love helping make the magic happen

We really value making completely unique experiences every time we co-create an STA with our clients. Every person is different, so every adventure is going to be different as well. Join us and discover something new together.

the how

Set up your adventure

The NDIA has given this very awesome gift and oppurtunity for NDIS participants to have. They have been given choice and control to create an experiences for themselves.

One of the tools to achieve this is Short Term Accomodation and Respite. This could be as simple as a real quite couple of days away, in a lovely location of your choosing with minimal support. To a 2 week action packed adventure of a lifetime with someone by yourside and supporting you the whole way. The choice is yours. In the same way that no two adventures are the same, neither do they cost the same. We don't just charge the maximum rate! We are very open and transparent about the initial budget and then we bill the actual final costing of the trip (This is usually almost identical).

our process

Discover your next adventure

We really like to find what our staff’s passions are and match them up with you want to achieve.

There really isn't a limit to what your imagination, our great organising and a pinch of inspiration can cook up. We work within the guidelines set out by the NDIA and greatly appreciate the scope that is there for you to really have that experience of a lifetime.

We then take the time and effort to work with you to design this experience. We dont like telling you what your experience has to be, but rather help create the experience that your going to love. That's what brings us joy!

some examples

Adventure Snapshots

We are only limited by your imagination and creativity

Here we have a few examples of different types and themes of an adventure. Also how they relate to particular workers passions and expertise. At the end of the day we will be able to work with you to create almost any experience.

Epic Adventures
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Thrill Seekers
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VIP Motor Sports
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Underwater Adventures
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A Quiet Get Away
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Taste of City Life
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Nature Lovers
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An Island Escape
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We've had some adventures and can't wait to help you have yours soon!

Feel free to reach out and discuss how we can make your dream a reality.