To find the support workers and types of support that you actually want to have in your life

Get out and about

Community access

Finding what you love and bringing it to your life

How good is it actually having some fun, enjoyment, desire, and passion in your life? We believe this is at the core of providing community access. If you are a bit stumped on how to create this kind of experience, then we make it our mission to help you get there. We can't promise that you're going to be happy all the time, this is just impossible and not healthy, but we can promise that we can help you find some of these moments!

home support

Domestic assistance

Be assisted in keeping the home a place of refuge

Really, this is about your support worker also helping out with some of the chores around the home. Be it cooking, washing clothes, making the beds, doing the dishes, or just giving that dam toilet a really good scrub. Whatever it is that you need to be supported in to have your home more functional we can help with that.

Looking after you


Making your personal care a top priority

They say that you should treat your body like a temple and for a lot of people with a disability this can be anywhere from somewhat difficult to actually impossible. This is where we step in, we can help with all the chores, jobs, and processes needed to look after your physical being. This can be as simple as helping you to attend a doctor's appointment to as complicated as helping a person who's a quadriplegic with all of their daily personal tasks.

Grow your skills

Capacity Building

Be supported while embracing new challenges

One constant in the universe is change and capacity building is all about this. At Meliora we love this as we can assist people in developing new skills, attitudes, goals, life choices, and aspirations that would potentially help them live a much more fulfilling, self-responsible, self-determined, and independent life. Capacity building dismantles those barriers between where you are now and what positive change looks like for you. We find it very exciting and hope you will too.

Short term accommodation

STA and respite

Experience comfort and care with our unique experiences

Whether you and your carers are burnt out and need time and space to recover or maybe there are exciting new activities and places you can’t wait to explore and experience. At Meliora, we are all about spending the time with you and developing an adventure or trip away that is always completely unique. We have never done two STA’s the same, because there are no two people that are exactly the same.

The NDIS has given us the tools, resources, and framework to work with. Combine that with our can-do attitude and we will help you to really reach those goals and dreams that you have. As each experience is different, so is our pricing, as we always aim to be fair, effective, and efficient with the money that is being used rather than just charging the maximum we can as a money grab.

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on the move


Choose how you want to move

We all need to get from one place to another and having the right vehicle to do that is what we are about. From small electric cars to big wheelchair-accessible disability vans, we either have it covered or will help find the best solution for what you need. It's all about being efficient and effective with the resources being used.


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