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We offer training in acting, theatre and filmmaking, plus traditional arts and crafts, so everyone can be creative, regardless of ability.

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Acting, filmmaking and theatre arts

Stories are the core of human culture. It’s how we connect, share, understand and grow, across time and through barriers.

Too often, people with disability don’t get to share their own stories with the world. At Meliora, we are working to change that.

We offer acting, filmmaking, writing and theatre training - both in classes and one on one training.

Depending on your goals, whether it’s a fun new hobby, to create your own film or stage show, write a novel, or make your own YouTube - we're ready to support you.

With seven acting graduates and film-making professionals in the Meliora Team, we have a passionate group of storytelling educators - ready to work with you to tell stories that actually matter to you.

world class training

Expert artistic guidance and support

Matty has been teaching actors for nearly a decade - supporting people of all abilities to reach towards artistic excellence and emotional growth. He loves working with both total beginners and seasoned professionals.

The Meisner Technique approach to acting - which focuses on telling the deepest truth - allows storytellers to learn by doing. That’s what we practice and teach at Meliora.

Combined with years of NDIS support and coordination experience, Matty has a unique perspective on supporting aspiring artists with disability.

With current and former students, including our support workers, starring in dozens of films and stage-shows, Meliora's passion is to provide the same quality of education you’d expect to find in the top drama studios in New York or London.

We also support our students to become writers, directors, producers, editors or any other film or stage role you might be intereted in.

We are currently providing one-on-one training, plus support for multiple projects with NDIS participants - and we can’t wait to share what they're creating. Further information about upcoming regular classes is coming soon.

Whatever your storytelling idea or goal, feel free to reach out.

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