Our vision is to deliver the best quality service and support, to thousands of participants across Australia

Get to know us

Our story so far

David & Sorcha started a home maintenance business in the South Burnett at the beginning of 2019. By 2020 we began hiring staff and soon after this the name Meliora was born. From the beginning, we could see that there was a real lack of focus from the other providers in the more base, foundational supports. We wanted to make sure our supports began from the ground up, helping get the basics like a clean, tidy, well-functioning home and garden in place for people. Thus setting a foundation for the more complex supports to have a bigger impact in our clients lives.

Also, a real focus on the person that we were supporting, getting to know them personally, who they are, what they have been through and what they would like for their future. A lot of our clients now consider us and our workers to be their friends, as well as their support provider. Finally a focus on doing what we believed to be right, for the client, for us, for everyone as a whole. We didnt claim to know what was right all the time, but rather strived to find out what that is and work towards that. Another way that seemed to set us apart.

From this approach, the business grew quite organically from word of mouth and referrals. Now we've grown to offer a diverse range of support services in multiple locations, including Brisbane and Beyond. Even though Sorcha has left the business, her influence and input is still seen in our values, goals and aspirations. With more than twenty staff who have us - we work as a team in supporting participants to live a better life, and achieve their goals, the way they want.


Our values guide all that we do

Our primary mission is to genuinely be of service.

At Meliora, we aspire to grow to become a better provider, and sometimes better human beings. Our core values serve as consistent reminders of our overall vision, and to support us to reflect more on our personal motivations, intentions, ethics and morals.

We Value


At Meliora, kinship means friendship, family and connection

We treat all participants with the same respect, consideration, and care as family members, friends, and potential future friends we meet on the street with longer-term support, it's not just a professional relationship, but a personal connection that often builds over time. 

That’s why we put our hearts into the support we offer. Go heart or go home.

We Value


At Meliora, honesty means truthfulness, frankness, transparency and being genuine.

For us, this includes full transparency about how we operate and how we invoice. If you ask a direct question, expect a direct answer. We also remain frank and direct, so everything is clear and easy to understand.

Open and genuine communication between everyone involved leads to better understanding and service. 

We Value


At Meliora, empathy means care, compassion, equality and understanding.

People with disability are often judged, ignored, condescended to, and dismissed. We want your NDIS experience to be a positive one instead.

So it’s important to put ourselves into your shoes as we get to know your goals. Our team goal includes genuine care of others, and treating our clients as people with their own goals and feelings.

We understand everybody has different needs and life experiences. Those experiences shape how we feel, think, interpret and behave.

We Value


At Meliora, growth includes feedback, reflection, confronting issues, emotion and development.

We love receiving feedback, it allows us to grow. That's why we include regular check-ins, and opportunities for you to offer feedback when you want.

We also constantly measure and review our worker output and conduct. Our staff know very well that we are very direct in confronting issues.

For participants, the direction you want to grow becomes our focus in supporting you.

We Value


At Meliora, adventure is all about exploring, experimenting, taking action and creating memorable experiences.

We understand that living with a disability can be very isolating with plenty of obstacles to creating the life you really want to live.

Whatever you can imagine trying, wherever you would like to go, adventure means finding a way to make it happen.

Our approach

Rapport focused

Importance of getting to know you

We understand that support workers and other staff can become an important part of your life. That’s why we focus on you, the participant. We work to develop the right mix of support, with staff members who suit you best. This helps us to deliver a personalised experience.

We have a diverse range of workers with many years of experience in different areas of support, who each have unique passions, desires, and interests. Matching the right person for you is our goal. And if something isn’t working the way you want, we intend to listen and take action to remedy the situation.

Looking Forward

Our vision is to deliver the best quality service and support, to thousands of participants across Australia, without sacrificing our morals, principles and ethics - or forgetting our humble beginnings. To have the personal feeling of an independent support worker but with the services and teamwork of a provider. 

We believe in the principle of the NDIS and are constantly looking for ways to learn, improve and develop in all areas of our business - to ensure we grow as our clients grow, but also maintain our consistency. Meliora means "for the pursuit of the better".