A house doesn't feel like a home unless you are comfortable

Your environment needs to work for your life, goals and disability. We understand that it can be hard to stay on top of cleaning the house, maintaining or creating the garden and lawn you want, and getting round to those handyman tasks that need doing.


Your sanctuary

Working towards the ideal environment for you

Whether you need a regular weekly clean to keep on top of things, a deep clean to take off months or years of build up, or perhaps finally empty out that shed and do multiple tip-runs. We genuinely love working with you to create the living space that works for you. Don’t be shy about asking for cleaning support, we have seen and cleaned almost everything imaginable and we’re here to clean, not to judge.

There is nothing better than walking back into the home after it has been freshly cleaned, to the wonderful smell of natural cleaning products. No crackling of grit under foot and you can visually see that someone has been hard at work giving the place a spruce. Honestly, I love it and I know our clients love it too. Sitting down on the toilet and only smelling lovely smells is just fantastic!

Garden, Lawn & Outdoor

Doing the hard yakka

An outdoor space that you want to spend time in.

We know how nice it is to look out the window and see a well-maintained lawn and garden set out in the way that you would like. You might not be able to do it all yourself, but we can certainly come in and help you get it that way. 

We pride ourselves in making sure to use the best equipment and training to get the best outcomes for your home, while being economical with time and your NDIS funding.

From the basics of keeping the lawn neat and tidy, to helping develop garden systems that are low maintenance, more self-maintaining and beneficial to native wildlife and the environment as a whole. We just Love it!

Handyman services

Get it fixed

Finally get those jobs ticked off your list

There are always plenty of those jobs around the home that just need to get done, but life has gotten in the way. Living with a disability may mean you either cannot do the task as someone else would be able to or you just can’t seem to find the time. That means we can come in and do the job for you or with you. From the changing of the smoke alarm batteries to giving that damaged wall a lick of paint. Let's get these projects finally finished! Usually, our ‘Handy-men’ (or women) are actually support workers as well, so they know how to approach these jobs with understanding and sensitivity.

Connect with us

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